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Four To Six Weeks Before You Move

Set the moving date with the moving company. This is particularly important if you are moving during the summer months.

Decide what household items you want to keep. Clean out your closets, attic, and garage. Donate unwanted items to charities or hold a moving/garage sale. Be sure to keep your receipt for tax receipts if donating the items.

Contact your insurance agent, and ask them about your homeowners policy to determine whether your possessions are covered when moving.

Begin search for health-care professionals in your new location.
Register children for school and transfer all necessary records.
Start packing!! If your mover is doing the packing, arrange for it to be done one or two days before loading begins.

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Two-Three Weeks Before You Move

Arrange to have utilities (gas, electric, phone, cable, water, etc.) disconnected in your present home, and connected at your new home. Advise trash services and/or newspaper carrier to discontinue services.

Check new driver’s license, car insurance, and registration requirements.

Arrange for child care on moving day.

Notify the post office and anyone you receive mail from of your change of address and the date you are moving.

This includes insurance agents, credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, friends, family, etc.

Arrange for the transportation of your valuables. Do NOT send any jewelry, legal documents, collector items, or insurance policies with the moving company.

Do NOT ship any flammable items such as paint, lighter fluids, cleaning solutions, ammunition or aerosol cans. Dispose of in an approved drop off location.

If necessary, notify apartment complex manager that you will need elevator for pickup and/or delivery dates.
Arrange to move pets.

Check with mover about moving house plants. (Some movers will not move plants or they may not be transferred across state lines of certain states.)

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One Week Before You Move

Have enough medication to last at least two weeks. Have prescriptions forwarded to a pharmacy at your new destination.
Withdraw items and close safety deposit boxes.


Two Days Before You Move

Have mover pack your goods (unless doing it yourself).

Defrost and dry refrigerators and freezers to be moved.

Set aside valuable items to carry with you including jewelry, vital documents and money.

Prepare a special box to take in your car with you. This should include bathroom necessities, a set of linens for the first night stay, a phone, and also first aid supplies. Also, provide a special box just for your kids filled with toys, games, and snacks.

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Accompany driver for inventory of your household goods. Answer questions and give directions to movers and stay until they are finished.

Complete information on bill and carefully read the document before you sign it. Make sure you have your copies and keep them until your possessions are delivered, the charges are paid, and any claims are settled.

Before the van leaves, take one final look through the house to make certain nothing has been left behind.

Give the driver directions to your new home.

Notify the driver and the van line where you can be reached during the move.

Supervise unloading and unpacking. Answer any questions and give directions.
You must pay the driver before your
goods can be unloaded. This is a Federal requirement for interstate moves.

Check carefully for any damaged or missing items.

Note on the inventory any damaged boxes or obvious damage to unboxed items before you sign anything.


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Four To Six Weeks Before You Move
Two-Three Weeks Before You Move
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