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How The Program Works

Welcome to Member Benefit Services. As a member of a participating Credit Union or Association, you may be eligible to receive cash rebates when buying or selling a home.


The Program
As a nationwide program, we are able to connect you with a specially certified Realtor anywhere in the United States* that is an expert in your area and is tuned in to the market and your specific needs. (*Rebate is not available in all states. See restricted state list for specific states). Member Benefit Services only works with the top real estate companies in your area. Your counselor is available to you throughout the entire process.

The Rebate
Members receive a 20% rebate when they complete a transaction with the real estate agent they are assigned to. The rebate is sent approximately 4-6 weeks after the close of escrow.

If a member has been in contact with a real estate agent regarding either listing or buying a property or has been shown property by an agent, prior to contacting MBS, the member will not be eligible for the rebate.

Service Satisfaction
We send a survey to members with every rebate check, asking them to rate our program and the agent’s service. As member surveys show, there is more than a 99% satisfaction rate with the program and with the real estate agents they are placed with.

Sample Transaction
For example, if you bought a $200,000 home using Member Benefit Services to choose your Broker, the commission your Broker receives is $6,000 for the buying side (See diagram). You would receive a 20% rebate on the Member Benefit Services commission; therefore you would receive a rebate of $1,200.

If you were to also use Member Benefit Services to handle the sale of your existing $150,000 home, you would receive a 20% on the selling side. If you home sells for $150,000 and your Member Benefit Services broker receives a $4,500 commission for the selling side (see diagram), therefore you receive a $900 rebate (20%) on the commission paid to your broker.

This means, in this example, you could receive a total savings of $2,100 just for choosing Member Benefit Services to handle both of your transactions. *

Note: Examples based on Member Benefit Services' brokerage commission of 3% of the buying or selling price. It is not paid off of the total commissions. Commissions may vary.

*Benefits are not available unless you enroll with Member Benefit Services PRIOR to contacting a real estate agent.